Monday, June 14, 2010

Thank you to all who had cared for NiceNice - from Julie

Monday, June 14, 2010

Thank you to all who had cared for NiceNice - from Julie

This is from Julie:

Dear Kah Yein

I have come to terms that Little Nice Nice has passed on. She was a brave little cat. For three weeks, she was an adorable, alert and very interactive one. Tam Tam, Mau mau. Patches and TingTing (my other rescued cats) had curled up with her, kissed and licked her too. Eventhough paralysed, she was accepted by them.

I am very touched and priviledged that Nice Nice had waited for me to come back from work, before she decided to breathe her last breath. She tried to get up and her meow was very weak when she saw me. That was when I called you to tell that she is critical condition Perhaps she wanted to see both of us.

When we left the clinic, and curdled her up at my lap and drove, she still held her head to look at me and meowed her last. I was very shocked when I reached home to find that she was lifeless. It just happened in a split second.

She had crossed my path and I am glad I have decided to care for her and things that I cannot fathom why she endured to wait for me to return home, I count it all "little gems" and so blessed to have held and loved this tiny, blameless one. Though generally we are all busy shuttling here and there in fast pace but what is the point when we miss the call to heal the society. After all the snails and cheetahs also end up together in Noah's Ark.

Nice Nice taught me to take time to stop and care for the very difficult furkids. Take Time to do it . So she had left a little impact like take time to appreciate the people, friends, and last but not least to pat your pets.

Little Nice Nice will always be a good memory and I will miss her little greety happy meows. Truly I miss her.

Thank you to all the well wishers that had written in for the concern of Nice Nice.

Nice Nice is in a better place of eternity without pain and whole again.

Thank you for making the effort also to arrange for the accupunture with Dr Suzana. I will inform her about NiceNice.

May "myanimalcare" continue to excel to reduce the number of strays and reduce the sufferings of the animals.

Julie Pek

Thank you, Julie, for your sharing. Yes, all our furry friends come into our lives to give us the opportunity to love, to care and to serve. In their simple ways, they teach us valuable lessons about life and living. We are grateful to them for these lessons.