Friday, April 23, 2010

22nd April 2010's 晚报news: Cat thrower psychopath in Ang Mo Kio


Ng Fangqi Akiko
A cat was thrown off a high building by a psychopath. Residents who were sitting on the ground floor of the block could only watch helplessly as the cat fell down from above right before their eyes. The police were alerted to come and investigate.

This incident happened at 1pm yesterday (not sure if it is yesterday or today, as it doesn’t tally with the paragraph below), at Blk 713, Ang Mo Kio Ave 6.

Madam Chen (probably Tan) who works in the neighbourhood as a locksmith called this paper’s hotline, admonishing the cat thrower for the cruelty.

When this reporter arrived at the scene, Madam Chen had already placed the dead cat in a carton. There were still traces of blood on the ground.

Madam Chen said that she and other cat lovers living around the area take care of more than 10 stray cats. Not only do they feed the cats every day, they also help to get them sterilized.

She had just fed the grey cat this morning (‘this morning’, according to the report, not sure if it was supposed to be ‘yesterday morning’) at around 11am. Merely an hour later, a resident informed her that the cat had died.

When she got to the spot, she saw the cat lying dead on the ground level of the HDB block.

Three members of the public sitting on a bench nearby told her that before it happened, they had seen the cat on the ground floor, but a little while later the cat was falling down from above right in front of their eyes. It is believed that the cat was thrown down by someone from the staircase landing.

The police and the SPCA arrived after the incident to investigate, and took down statements from witnesses.

Choking back sobs, Madam Chen said, “A few days ago another cat went missing too. I heard later that it was also thrown off a high building.”

A resident said that there had been someone throwing down stuff from the high floors in the block, but it had always been objects like slippers. Now it has become a living cat.
The dead cat had a pitiful past, soon after its birth, its mother was run down by a car and died.

Madam Chen said, “I thought the three kittens were very pitiful, so I brought them to Ang Mo Kio Ave 6, so that I could take care of them while I was working.”

Mary Lim:
Should be blk 716, one of my community cats; sterilisation sponsored by vegancat

Yes Rheanne, Tabby Boy is perfect; handsome, cool, good temperment; does not disturb people, manja, very appreciative. i was told a neighbour has a son that loves him very much; lives on 6 floor, not sure if he carried Tabby boy up; took a photo of him just 1 day ago before his death on Wednesday. We suspected someone does not like Tabby boy wandering up there and threw him down. Tabby boy brother, Ginger is the most affected; found him yesterday disorientated far away from where he used to linger with Tabby boy.

i went from floor to floor last night and from the body location; it was definitely thrown down from a living room window; not common corridor as there is a parapet between the 1st floor and the ground floor. If Tabby boy was thrown down from the common corridor; his body should have landed on the parapet and not 45 degree angle from the blk's living room window

You are right Rheann but that is a point block; from Tabby boy death location, 2 unit each facing each other. On the 6th floor, a man was looking down and asked why i was there. Not wanting to jump to conclusion and not wanting to give too much away; i simply give a short reply and walked down. But yes, i m targetting between 5-8 floors. Also i'm sure Tabby boy did not fall to his death by himself because once he was stuck at the parapet on the 1st floor at HDB block; he did not jump; did not do anything till he heard my key announcing dinner time; than did he meowed very loudly. i had use the food to entice him to jump down but he could not; and finally had the sweeper used the ladder to transfer him to me. Indeed there is a sick soul residing in that block.

Tabby boy and Ginger were never residing there until 2 months ago; how and why they moved there i have no idea. If i had know such tragedy would occur; i would have transferred them back to their previous location.