Saturday, April 10, 2010

Why you should chip your dog

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Tracing is easier for dogs licensed after Sept 2007
Letter from Goh Shih Yong Deputy Director, Media Division For CEO, Agri-food & Veterinary Authority (AVA)
05:55 AM Apr 10, 2010
WE REFER to the letter "Dog has ID but can't be traced" (April 7) by Ms Jaclyn Liew.

Microchipping of all newly-licensed dogs was made mandatory after Sept 1, 2007 with the revision to the Animal and Birds (Dog Licensing and Control) Rules. Microchipping helps to trace dogs in the event of a rabies outbreak. It also helps the AVA to trace and return licensed dogs to their owners if the dogs get lost.

The husky found by Ms Liew was probably licensed prior to Sept 1, 2007. Hence, the microchip number of the husky was not captured in our records.

The AVA does not regulate suppliers of microchips. However, we specify that only ISO-compliant microchips be used to enable wide compatibility between the microchips and the scanners used by the AVA and suppliers.

We thank Ms Liew for her feedback. As Ms Liew mentioned that the husky is suffering from tick fever, we advise her to take the dog immediately to a veterinary centre to seek medical attention for the dog. Ms Liew can contact AVA at 1800 476 1600 if she requires further clarification.

The husky has already been hospitalised for a few days. Her tick fever is chronic, she was found bleeding profusely from her nose.

I am surprised that microchipping has been made mandatory, but suppliers of microchips are not regulated.

Microchipping aims to "help to trace dogs in the event of a rabies outbreak...and help the AVA to trace and return licensed dogs to their owners if the dogs get lost."

It is clear that, without further measures, this mandatory microchipping is not fulfilling its aim. When there are dogs like this Husky who are microchipped, not licensed and thus untraceable.

The fact is there is a finite number of microchip suppliers in Singapore. With this microchip number, the supplier can be traced.

But it apparently cannot be done. Cos the suppliers are not regulated by any authority. Isn't it time to review for a change?