Friday, April 16, 2010

Breeder dumps 75 dogs (Singapore)

We digress to dogs today because of the severity of this case which highlights that atrocities of the pet trade. Do not buy your pets. Do not be fooled by the pristine conditions of a pet shop or breeders' show room. They do not show you what happens behind closed doors for good reason!


A puppy mill breeder/owner in Pasir Ris has just abandoned his breeding stock and their puppies. 75 dogs are up for FOSTER or ADOPTION. Many breeds of various ages. Spotted are cavalier king charles, chihuahua, maltese, mini schnauzer, shih tzu, pomeranian, jack russell terrier, whippet, sheltie, golden retriever, labrador, silky, yorkie, poodle, beagle, british bull, cairn terrier. From 1 month old and up.

The worst of the dogs have been removed from the farm and taken to the vet. The rest are quite healthy looking.

We would like to get the dogs out of this as soon as possible. It is unlikely you will be provided with pictures or be given an opportunity to view the animals. Dogs will be taken out only when foster homes can be confirmed for them.

Funds are also being raised to help pay for the vet costs for the dogs which are ever increasing as some of the dogs have tick fever and need to be hospitalized. Every cent counts! Money will be accounted for and all will go to helping the dogs.


Thank you and please continue your generosity by spreading the word that it is *NOT* a puppy mill, and that there are *NO* puppies.

Please note:
(1) below 18 need not apply;
(2) there is an adoption fee (to defray costs of sterilization etc. Strictly non-profit);
(3) we urgently need volunteers who can devote time to contribute to these dogs in need.
(4) for keen adopters/fosterers, viewing of dogs only will commence next week after the dogs are more settled. Meanwhile they are stressed and traumatized and under medical care.

For volunteering, donating, adoption & fostering, please call Derrick at 83833714.