Friday, April 23, 2010

Killing of Yishun St 71 cats by April 18

Facebook group: Killing of Yishun St 71 cats by April 18

Apr 9, '10 6:13 PM

AMK - YCK TC has received feedback from residents that there are a lot of stray cats at Zone A (more than 20). They have been climbing on their cars to rest.

TC request that I do the necessary to control this by April 18, 2010. Failing which, they will get their pest control contractor to follow up.

Four years ago I went door to door to gather support to prevent the round-up of the Street 71 cats. I know who was the complainant then... because out of all the people I spoke to there was only one who wanted the cats removed!

Now I am too worn out and tired to fight another round.


This is the original email from Gary Chong
Good afternoon Ms Helga;

We have received feedback from residents that there a lot of strays cats (more than 20 numbers)at Zone A.They have been climbing onto their car to rest. Please do the needful to control it by 18th April 2010.Failing which,we will get our pest control contractor to follow up.


Gary Chong
Assistant Property Manager
Ang Mo Kio-Yio Chu Kang Town Council


We did half of the 14 blocks... I think that should be enough to give a picture. We collected about 30 forms from each block (from people who didn't mind the cats but had not received the forms or had misplaced them) and an average of 2 people per block wanted the cats removed. Heard from Randy that a guy with 2 huge dogs was going to write in to have all the cats removed. While I met a man who gave me a big smile and said " Shoot them!" Why? Because they are not mine... people threw them out.
18 April at 20:50

Helga, it's a 40 or 50-ish lady with the two big dogs

I know who she is, staying on the 7th flr of Blk 725. She told me to stop feeding the cats as her van got scratched!A selfish and nasty woman who keeps 3-4 dogs and breed them for sale!
Tues at 17:04

Ya, actually I thought of reporting long ago but worried on the fate of the dogs so I took no action. She's a troublesome lady that has lots of complaints..cats..birds..parks that do not allow dogs ..quarrel with neighbours etc Once someone complained abt her bringing her dogs to the park and she challenged the MP to remove cats fm the park too if ... See moredogs r not allowed.The MP simply told her sorry as cats are more acceptable to pp. I used to say hello to her but stop doing so when I knew that she breeds her dogs :(
Wed at 16:27


Good news, the cats will not be rounded up! Town Council were very reasonable and we can concentrate on solving the real problems such as "Ghost Feeders" who leave a mess after feeding. One officer also pointed out that they use their common sense when dealing with complains... giving as example a resident who wanted t...he cats removed because she claimed they attacked her two large dogs! I can guess who that was.... some will come up with the most ridiculous claims to get the cats removed!

Our survey showed that only about 5% want the cats removed. Those forms returned to RC showed a very different picture but AVA pointed out that our figures conform with the usual result of such surveys!

Thanks again to everyone for their support!

about an hour ago

Read this: Stray Cat Sterilisation Project at Bukit Merah View.


Sterilisation and responsible management has the support of up to 96% of the public. The majority of people want cats controlled but do not want them culled. They are happy to know that AVA's present approach to the stray cat situation emphasises humane management and is targeted towards achieving long-term results. Sterilisation and responsible management is humane and helps to promote a kinder and more caring and gracious society. It promotes volunteerism and encourages both animal lovers and the people bothered by cats to be active in a constructive and self-help manner to work with the authorities to deal with the stray cat situation.