Sunday, April 25, 2010

Cats from SAME location, DIFFERENT "destinies"

Three cats, abandoned into homelessness, shared a single location but different "destinies".
The two boys are now adopted into good homes.
The girl is still sleeping under cars and depending on the kindness of caregivers to give her food and water.

Are "destinies" fixed fates or subjected to changes?

Can cats change their "destinies"?

As human beings, we certainly can?

We can speak out against KILLING as the default modus operandi! It doesn't work and a waste of public fund.

We can advocate for STERILISATION to reduce the number of cats as less cats will decrease the intolerance.

We can start sterilise the cats at our downstairs.

We can volunteer ourselves with our town councils to help the property officers to look into complaints about cats. Without alternative, the properyt officers will just activate their pest controllers.

We CAN change the destinies of the cats, for those that remain homeless.