Monday, April 12, 2010

Mardok misses Oreo

Oreo was brought to the vet yesterday for vaccination and a check on her ear. The vet said there was no mites seen on microscopic examination of her ear swabs but has some bacterial ear infection. Oreo is admitted at the vet clinic for treatment.

As expected, Mardok said he was "missing" Oreo. I told him in very simple English a few times and I hope he understood that Oreo was safe. I would show him videos and photos of Oreo the next time I see him.

Mardok may be a foreign worker without the "T" of "Talent" but he has far more "heart" than some Singaporeans who will not hesitate to call the town council to insist on "removal" of cats in a car park for fear of "potential" scratches on "my car that cost me 40 grands!!"(the quote is from a woman who even has an academic qualification from Cambridge University!)