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An evening of great sorrow

An evening of great sorrow
Posted on 20 January, 2006

When Carol first saw Siam-boy- 8th January 2006. Here’s her MMS photo

7.10pm: Carol said she saw a nervous whitish kitten running to hide a car while walking to the carpark where I was waiting to drive to the vet clinic. She thought it was a “new” abandonee.
7.30pm: We arrived at the clinic and picked up the two boys sterilized yesterday. The calico girl was eating well and so we left her to recuperate till Monday. One of the boys were too fierce to be transferred into a carrier, so we took him back in the trap.
8.15pm. We released the tom-prince at the block next to one car park. Then I drove to the adjacent car park to release the tom-king junior at the block next to it. I drove out of the carpark and was about to park to let Carol off when she screamed. A car directly opposite mine was reversing out the car park lot and ran over a kitten with a thump. The driver would have seen the convulsing kitten as the headlights were shining on it but he just drove off.
I parked the car and rushed to the kitten. It was breathing in gasps and barely conscious. I put him into a carrier and we rushed back to the clinic. The receptionist called out RTA (Road Traffic Accident) and a vet attended to me right away. The kitten regained its strength and resisted being carried out of the carrier. With gentleness, the vet and the assistant got the kitten out and put it into an opaque plastic box for oxygen to be delivered.

The breathing was then very rapid and he was in a daze. Then he started to lapse into drowsiness. The vet listened to the lungs and heard that they were filled with fluid, mostly likely blood – sign of a ruptured diaphragm. He was bleeding profusely internally.

The kitten had beautiful blue eyes and a check revealed it was a boy. Carol then recognised this blue-eyed boy as the kitten she first saw at the carpark about a week ago. We couldn’t find him to trap last evening. He was a recent abandonee and had not yet learnt to be streetwise.
I whispered prayers into his ears. I stroked his head, his chin and his chest. I kissed him on the side of his face. Blood started to ooze from his mouth. He took his last breath at 8.47pm.
We wept.
This is how some abandoned cats and kittens “vanished”. If only we can let the people who abandoned this sweet kitten know what they had done!